Weapons Wear represents a fusion of Italian elegance and American craftsmanship in the realm of high-end women’s holsters. Founded by Laura Cresto, a scion of a long line of Italian leather holster artisans, the brand carries a rich history that dates back over a century. It all started in Italy, where her ancestors crafted holsters with unparalleled skill. This artistry crossed the Atlantic when her great-grandfather moved to America and opened a small shop at 270 Lafayette Street in New York City, laying the foundation for what would become a legacy in holster making.

Over the years, this modest beginning grew into a significant enterprise, far exceeding the expectations of Laura’s great-grandfather. The company has a storied history of supplying the NYPD with various equipment, including gun holsters, magazine pouches, belts, handcuffs, and badges, since the 1930s.

Now, in its fourth generation, Laura Cresto has taken this legacy to new heights, creating a luxury line of women’s holsters. These holsters are crafted using only the finest materials, like Alcantara and Kydex, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern materials and techniques. Each piece is handmade, offering concealed carry, comfort, durability, and easy maintenance. The designs include a sweat guard, are eco-friendly, vegan, and feature perfect molding for a rapid, quiet draw, ideal for discreet operations. These holsters are not only responsive but also boast resistance to abrasion and UV rays, ensuring lightweight yet robust performance.

Every Weapons Wear holster is a masterpiece of perfection, coming with a lifetime guarantee. They are available for various gun styles and models, offering unparalleled choice and customization. With Weapons Wear, Laura Cresto has created more than just holsters; she’s offering pieces of a legacy, each telling the story of a family’s journey from the heart of Italy to the streets of New York, continuously evolving and yet firmly rooted in tradition. This line is so distinct and appealing that enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals will find themselves wanting to collect every model.