Kydex Queen of the Range Inside Holster (K-QRI)

SUPREME QRO is an Outside The Waistband Kydex® Holster, covered in tuff skin, lined with premium Alcantara® on the back, and with Alcantara® on the inside. Making the SUPREME series is our most premium line of holsters. The QR is one of the favorite holsters for the shooting range. You can easily unsnap the loops on and off and take out the holster without having to take your belt off. The straps allow for greater flexibility of movement. Compatible with red dot optics. Molded sidetrack. Sight rail accommodates most suppressor sights. Standard belt loops fit belts up to 1,75’’. The high flat back provides comfort & guards the gun from perspiration. Hand-burnished edges for a polished look.




Kydex Queen of the Range Inside Holster (K-QRI)

The Kydex QRI Holster is an Inside the Waistband Holster that features an Alcantara back. Alcantara is a premium Avant-grade fabric that has top-grade aesthetic, technical, and sensory qualities. It is used in the automotive industry as a top choice by luxury sports car brands like Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini.

The touch of Alcantara feels like suede but is more durable, lighter, scratch-proof, stain-resistant, and the color does not fade away.

The most important feature is that it provides the perfect grip due to its micro-fiber construction, keeping the holster in the same position and preventing it from sliding while also providing comfort against your body.

Holster Details:

  • Inside The Waistband Kydex® Holster.
  • Sweat guard made with premium Alcantara®.
  • Solid brass eyelets along with a heavy-duty spring polymer locking J clip which is thin and never loses its tension.
  • The clip locks around the belt.
  • Compatible with red dot optics.
  • Molded sidetrack.
  • The sight rail accommodates most suppressor sights.
  • Full-Length Sweat Guard with Rear Sight Shield to protect your firearm.
  • Hand-burnished edges for a polished look.
  • Features the embossed Weapons Wear logo on the polymer clip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets us apart from the competition?

WEAPONS WEAR is the best holster on the market. Manufactured in the family for the past 100 years, our handmade in America holsters are superior to the competition in both quality and design.

Our KYDEX holsters provide you with full trigger guard protection and perfect retention. We were the first to design it.

Can WEAPONS WEAR holsters protect you from life-threatening situations?

  • Essential in life-threatening situations: Weapons Wear holsters make no sound when the gun is drawn. The gun locks in with a silent, smooth entry.
  • Each of our molds is the best in the industry, made to fit each brand and gun model, giving quick, smooth draw and the right tension, so no adjustment is needed for our holsters.
  • Made with the highest quality materials available, our Kydex holsters are built for hard use, standing up to the punishment of our competition shooters and everyday users.
  • You can easily unsnap the loops on and off and take out the holster without having to take your belt off.

What are the features of the WEAPONS WEAR Holster?

  • The Weapons Wear Holsters are custom-molded for a perfect fit every time for each brand and gun model, providing a consistently quick and smooth draw.
  • We are famous for our slim design using the premium Alcantara® fabric and the aviation-grade Kydex® for increased durability, optimum concealment, and strong grip.
  • The double-sided, fully reinforced front open Kydex® shell allows one-handed fast and easy re-holstering and consistent retention.
  • Government-approved solid brass and stainless steel hardware.

Why WEAPONS WEAR holsters?

  • A tradition since 1922.
  • Custom holsters are made for your specific handgun.
  • Precisely molded at the right temperature & pressure.

Which is the best material for a gun holster?

  • Kydex® lined with Alcantara® for aviation-grade waterproofing – a first on the market.
  • No noise – great for life-threatening situations.
  • Maximum concealability and strong grip.
  • Easy one-hand re-holstering.
  • Government-approved solid brass or stainless steel hardware.
  • Enjoyable shopping and safe checkout.

What are your delivery locations?

We offer worldwide delivery.

Do you offer any warranty?

Holsters are manufactured with the highest quality materials, components, and workmanship available, which is why we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

What other accessories do we need to pair up the Gun holster?

Remember that a Kydex® gun holster is only part of the system. A high-quality WEAPONS WEAR gun belt is a must when considering wearing your IWB/OWB holster.

You don’t see your firearm listed?

If you don’t see your firearm listed, contact us to find your options, as we are constantly adding new guns to our already massive list. Contact us to make the perfect holster to fit your gun.

We want you to love your holster and use it for as long as you choose to carry your gun.

Additional Information

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